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Where to Watch UFC Fights Near Square One Condos

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4 Best Places to Watch UFC Fights for those Living in Square One Mississauga Condos

If you are fan of Mixed Martial Arts, it is helpful to know the best places to watch upcoming UFC events near your Mississauga condo.  When you order a UFC Pay Per View event from the comfort of your home you are usually paying $49.99 for standard television or $59.99 for High Definition display plus HST.  That is a lot of money for most people and can quickly add up for those UFC fans watching every month.

From a financial perspective, it makes more sense to visit a local sports bar.   Not only will you save money, but it can be more fun to watch the fight amidst other fans.  And best of all, you can order a meal with snacks while you watch!   Even though most of the venues will charge a $5-10 cover charge, you can watch the entire event and eat a meal with drinks and still not spend as much as you would paying for Pay Per View from home.

Here are the 4 best places to watch UFC fights near Square One Mississauga condos:

1)      Boston Pizza  –  35 Square One Drive, Mississauga

If you are living in any of the Square One Mississauga condos, you could probably walk to the Boston Pizza near Square One to watch a UFC event.  However, it is probably best to drive as it won’t be as much fun walking home after a long night of fights.    Boston Pizza is a fun place to enjoy a night of UFC packed action.  The food is decent and the service is exceptional.   You can’t go wrong!

2)      Coopers Pub – 780 Burnhamthorpe Rd West, Mississauga

This is a nice and cozy place to watch a UFC fight or any sports event for that matter.  The staff are very friendly and responsive.  They have plenty of tv screens positioned throughout the bar allowing you to watch from pretty much every angle.  During the fights, they also position a large screen for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  The food is actually quite nice as well.  Definitely worth checking out!!!

3)      Bristol Bar & Grille – 512 Bristol Rd. West Unit #15

This is another cozy venue worth checking out.  The place can get packed very quickly for a major event so plan accordingly.  I recall visiting here once during a GSP event and there was hardly room to stand.  But GSP events are always an exception.  The service is fantastic here and the food is decent.

4)      Boston Pizza – 50 Courtney Park Drive, Mississauga

You can count on Boston Pizza to host every UFC event.  They have always been very good at that.  The best part about Boston Pizza’s is the venue is large, and there are a variety of food options and snacks to choose from.