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7 Best Grocery Stores Near Square One Mississauga Condos

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Where Should You Shop for Your Groceries?  – A Guide for Grocery Shopping near Square One Mississauga Condos

Before you can decide on where to shop for your groceries, it is important to consider your budget and the types of food you like to eat.  One of the big advantages of residing in the Mississauga condos near Square One is that you have plenty of options to choose from.  And for you lucky folks out there, some of these grocery stores may even be walking distance from where you live.

Proximity can have a huge influence on the grocery store you choose to shop from especially if you are without a car.   For those of you who are single and don’t cook much, you probably don’t need to shop for groceries every week and find it easier to grab essential items from your local Rabba or convenience store.

This article was written for couples, single professionals and families that cook on a regular basis – those who need to do some significant shopping every week to stock their fridges with enough food for everyone to eat!

Here is a solid list of grocery stores you should check out:

1)      Food Basics

Food Basics is located on 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd East at the Central Parkway mall.  This grocery store chain is fairly large in Ontario with over 115 stores.  Their mission is to give customers the best value for their grocery needs by “giving them more for less”.

2)      No Frills

Daniel’s No Frills located on 620 Eglinton Avenue West is a busy store with a significant turnover of goods keeping the fruits and vegetables fairly fresh.   You will need to drive or grab a cab to get there however.  Though a five minutes drive from downtown Square One, it is too far to travel by foot, especially with bags of groceries in hand.

3)       Loblaws

This superstore centre located at 3045 Mavis Road is massive.  Typical of Loblaws, the high ceilings and well arranged aisles can deliver a better shopping experience.   However, you do end up paying a premium for this comfort and appeal as your grocery bill is usually 20-25% higher than it would be at a No Frills or Food Basics.

The variety of selection is far greater at Loblaws as they also have a healthy foods section with a good number of organic options.  For your added convenience, they also have their own pharmacy and dry cleaning service.  If you live in the Mississauga condos near Square One, you will definitely need to drive or grab a cab to get to this location.

4)      T &T

T&T is a large asian supermarket located at 715 Central Parkway West.  T&T is dedicated to delivering food to Asian-canadian Families.  If you love Asian food, you should check this store out as you may come across a wide diversity of foods that are difficult to fine elsewhere.

5)      Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is located at 155 Square One Drive, right near the Square One Mall itself.  The store is situated in a super convenient location which is especially nice for those of you who are health conscious.  Whole Foods is committed to selling the highest quality or organic and natural products available.   They also have an in-house restaurant for those of you looking for a healthier lunch or dinner options.

6)      India Grocers

Mr. India Grocers is located at 3095 Grand Park Drive.  As its name suggests, this supermarket is dedicated to South Asian foods.  If you like Indian Food, you will find a wide variety of options.  They also have a restaurant where you can order food to go.

7)      Oceans Fresh Food Market

Oceans Fresh Food is a supermarket located at 4557 Hurontario Street and boasts over 51,000 square feet of multi-ethnic shopping space.   This grocery store focuses on cuisine from all over the world including European, Asian, South-Asian and Jamaican foods.

If you are new to the area and have recently moved into a Square One Mississauga condo, I strongly urge you to explore each of these supermarkets to find the stores that best suit your culinary needs.  Happy shopping!!